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“How Bad Credit Debt Relief Services From a Proven Company Can Put Your Mind at Ease by Properly Managing Your Finances and Helping You Get
Out of Debt in Only a Handful of Years... ”

Whether you are completely over your head in debt, or just have a minor problem, being in debt can be one of the most stressful things to deal with in life... and when you have bad credit, the problem can become much more complicated.

Bad credit debt relief from a proven company with proper credentials can be the answer to all of your debt problems, and get you right on track toward conquering your debt in only a handful of years... when it could potentially take decades if you went it alone.

American Debt Solutions™ has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve financial freedom, and is widely recognized as one of the most effective and reliable debt relief programs available.

Bad Credit Debt Relief

But it's not just the company's reputation that matters, it's what exactly their services can do for you. With American Debt Solutions™, you can have a drastic reduction in interest rates and monthly payments.

Even if you have bad credit, these averages don't change! This is because we use our exclusive relationships to actually negotiate with your creditors in order to strike deals that most companies could never come close to achieving. Absolutely no loans are used. Having bad credit can actually help in this process, believe it or not!

Another great benefit you'll receive with our debt relief services is that all of your debt will be consolidated into one payment, so you'll never have to deal with paying multiple bills again. This is one of the most popular benefits and can provide a lot of relief from just not having to deal with all the payments themselves. There's just one payment per month!

Also, with our bad credit debt relief services, you won't have to deal directly with your creditors! If you've been hassled by creditor or collection agency calls, we will now be handling them for you so you can truly have peace of mind when you are on track toward conquering your debt...

With American Debt Solutions™ bad credit debt relief services,
you will:

  Pay less per month: When we negotiate with your creditors using our exclusive relationships, we will greatly reduce your monthly statements and interest rates.
  Know exactly how much you are saving: With our unique online interface, you will see reports of the progress you're making on your payments, how much you are saving per month, and much more.
  Have an easier time paying your bills: All of your credit card and other unsecured debts will be consolidated into one single payment per month so you'll be relieved of the stress of having to deal with multiple bills.
  Get out of debt faster: After we create your manageable payment plan with lowered payments and other benefits, you'll be able to conquer your debt in only a handful of years as opposed to potentially decades if you went it alone.
  Get the service you deserve: With American Debt Solutions™, you will always be treated with respect, care, and compassion.
"How to Get Your FREE Quote and Consultation to Start Becoming Debt Free Right Now..."
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